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Riddell SpeedFlex Black (OUTLET)

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  • White SF Cam-Loc Hard Cup is included. If you want black, add to cart.
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Facemask is NOT included.
White chinstrap, Hard cup will be included.


The most popular football helmet worn by NFL players and top division 1 players is now available for athletes of all levels. Customize to match your team's color helmet and select face masks based on position.

The reason you see the helmet so often by NFL players and top division 1 players is the technology in the Riddell Speedflex. Riddell Speedflex uses state-of-the-art protection backed by extensive research, including 2 million+ field impact data points. The Riddell SpeedFlex has a five-star rating with Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings ™ and ranks as the "best helmet available" in its category.



Riddell Speedflex

Virginia Tech Helmet Rating: ★★★★★
Backed by extensive research and data from our millions of on-field impacts.
State-of-the-art protection.

* The Flex System

* Cam·Loc™ Retention System

* Quick Change Liner Attachment System

* Tru-Curve Liner System

* All-Points Quick Release™

* Occipital Lock

* Air Fit Liner System


* Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP) helps reduce force from side impacts

* The Flex System is flexibility engineering into the shell, facemask, and clip to reduce impact force

* Composite Energy Management keeps the strategically placed padding inside the helmet in place during games and practices

* All-points quick release makes attaching and detaching facemasks easyRatchet-Loc retention system is an easier way to adjust your chinstrap on the fly

* Inflatable custom fit liner and jaw pads help provide a perfect fit

PLEASE NOTE: all inflatable jaw pads require a Riddell Football Helmet Inflator Pump to inflate, and Glycerin to adequately lubricate the inflation needle Buy it here

* A flexible liner designed for various head shapes provides comfort and stability

* Removable moisture-resistant liner cover

* Inflatable: Yes
* Compatible Facemasks: Riddell SpeedFlex Facemasks 


We believe no other sport has the power to shape and change lives like football, and Riddell is uniquely positioned to champion its future. We believe football is more than a game but fosters a culture that teaches valuable lessons to those in and around it. We believe that by continuing to help young athletes perform to the best of their ability, we are building the foundation for the future of a sport that builds character, gets people moving, and one that unites communities and inspires us all.

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